The Ozone Cafe by Helen Hagemann

My crime fiction (white collar crime) will soon be uploaded to After exhausting all possible avenues for publication, I have decided to self publish my second completed novel The Ozone Cafe. Hopefully, this will be sometime in early 2019.

Synopsis – Owner No. 1
Vincenzo Polamo, a Calabrian, builds the Ozone Café with his builder-brother in 1957 in fictional Satara Bay. He meets three children, Winifred, Casey, and Nicolas (who is in a wheelchair with muscular dystrophy). In their association, Vincenzo creates a seascape mural on the outside of the café that includes the children and their shells. At Winifred’s insistence, the café succeeds when Vincenzo changes his Italian cuisine to a more popular Australian menu. Included in the changeover, are pinballs, game machines, snooker and jukeboxes. While the café is successful, after three years of hard work and Vincenzo’s wife unwilling to migrate to Australia, Vincenzo sells the café.

Owner No. 2
Joe Pendlebury suffers setbacks with too few customers, poor health and a violent storm that causes structural damage close to the mural. Suspicious circumstances arise. Winifred believes that Pendlebury is dismantling the mural, the wall left unrepaired and without funds is abandoned. In suspicious circumstances, Joe disappears.

Owners No. 3
Con and Dion Lasaridis are the third owners. While the Ozone is a success, the cracked wall is a serious problem for the Greek boys. They are unable to convince the Heytsbury Shire that the courtyard wall has been professionally rebuilt, and therefore publicly safe. They lose the café in a court case when the Shire enforces an unrevoked Demolition Order of 1946. The Greek boys (et al) believe it’s due to the corruption of Heytsbury’s Mayor dealing with the Memorial Club’s requirement for expansion vis-à-vis the Ozone’s position.

When the Shire takes its time to demolish the Ozone Café, Vincenzo with the help of his brother Rennie and his industrial machinery remove the mural from the café. In broad daylight, they act as a bogus demolition team reinstating it in Vincenzo’s front yard as a fountain. It’s karmic for all and retribution for the loss of the Ozone Café.