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The Last Asbestos Town is published by Adelaide Books, LLC New York, USA –  You can buy direct from the publisher!


An Australian National law has been passed and a group known as the Asbestos Task Force (A.T.F.) is formed by the government to systematically remove all known asbestos from towns, cities and suburbs. The city of Perth, WA and surrounds have undergone this removal, and gradually the task force spreads further afield into the South West. Their target has reached Farmbridge, an old pioneer town with numerous asbestos houses and buildings. Newly married, May and Isaac who plan to renovate their home, an old Girl Guide Hall, experience the imminent threat of losing their home after receiving their fateful letter. Believing their home is not made from asbestos, the couple set out on a relentless quest to save the hall from demolition.



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You can read: Chapter 1 May, Chapter 2 Isaac, Chapter 3 May, Chapter 4 Isaac and part Chapter 5 May
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of Arc & Shadow is published by Sunline Press, Cottesloe, WA –  You can buy direct from the publisher here


Helen Hagemann’s lines crackle with the energy of an arch observer. Although she often looks back, her nostalgia is an honest squaring with the world that never lets metaphor too easily ‘glaze’ a thing. And what a dense material world it is. These poems burst with a dazzling record of things that both tenderly and wryly evoke other decades and, in doing so, other ways of living. Her uncompromising yet generous eye balances an openness to fragility with the ‘red combustion of our lives’. (Lucy Dougan)



Evangelyne & Other Poems is published by Australian Poetry, Melbourne, VIC –  You can buy direct from the publisher here

Helen Hagemann’s writing is a triumphant celebration of the power of poetry to recapture the past and still the present. Whether she is remembering growing up on the Central Coast of NSW, memorialising family and neighbours or observing cormorants, she makes each moment vividly real. These poems have all the dazzle and sting of a summer day at the beach, with the esky full of rolls and lettuce and the ‘cozzie’ a ‘rainbow’ to put on. Evangelyne & other poems is an exuberant, generous, thoroughly lived-in collection. Its relish for the everyday details of Australian life is a rare delight” – Jean Kent (NSW Poet)