Acceptance into KSP’s Fellowship 2022

I have recently received the good news of an acceptance into KSP’s fellowship program 2022. They state on their website “The KSP Writers’ Centre is proud to host this annual fellowship program for adult authors, providing placements for dedicated aspiring, emerging and established writers looking to develop a writing project.” The importance is that the writers’ centre offers space and time which benefits the author to sink deeply into their work or project. I am always very grateful for any assistance this provides as when one writes at home it is not always productive. At least this is my experience. The concentration away is vital. The quiet and contemplative environment is essential. The host and the membership who visit the centre are vital to a writer’s well-being. You are being supported for your art. This support does not always come from your family, not even from your neighbours who appear to dismiss your success (or perhaps they don’t understand). Having said that, however, writing colleages send ‘congratulations’, close friends also and your previous book buyers gradually understand and learn that you are committed and dedicated to your craft. I’ve had comments such as “you never give up” or “there’s no stopping you, hey” which confirms they see that you’re in the process of production. And that production is a book.

I believe my success has been based on the project submitted.

I am writing a third novel which is domestic noir/crime titled “The Tattooed City or Tattoo City” – a working title.

PREMISE: Recently widowed Clare Landers struggles financially and emotionally after the death of her husband. She aims to meet another man to support her family’s lifestyle. In a series of misadventures esp. commencing with online dating, Clare discovers that matters of the heart are fraught with problems. Her dalliance with men goes from bad to worse. After futile dates with incompatible, bad men and not finding love online, Clare tries an overseas cruise, various clubs, and finally engages house maintenance men. A garden maintenance man ie arborist proves to be a besotted menace, ultimately obsessed and threatening. Ignoring his advances, his phone calls and texts, he stalks her constantly. She buys a gun and learns how to shoot it by joining a gun club on weekends. There is a parallel story of various murders in the novel. Police characters Sergeant Max Shultz and Detective Angela Macri investigate tattooed corpses that are being dragged from various Perth and metropolitan waterways. The juxtaposition of dead tattooed bodies aligns at the end of the novel with Clare’s stalker being found dead. The police drag his decayed body from one of the city’s muddy creeks. However, he is not shot, but rather his neck has been garotted, similar to the other murdered tattooed bodies.