Review Copy: The Last Asbestos Town

Review Copy – available here


The book publishing industry is syndicated. Being published in the US, I have discovered is no different to self-publishing when it comes to the big publishing houses in Australia who corner every square-inch of the market. They have exclusivity: to bookshops, to promotion, to writing festivals, to national book reviewers such as the Australian Book Review and the Sydney Review of Books, and also, I have recently discovered, to the Australian Library System. Anything else, and you’re an outsider going it alone. No matter, ‘the game is afoot!’ as Shakespeare wrote. There are now marketing strategies to get your little masterpiece out there into the world. Book Bub Partners for instance, have a long list of ways to promote your book. Today, I am trying one of their suggested tactics and that is to offer a free review copy to all my “instagrammers” who review books.

This is not only a tactic because of slow sales, but a necessary employment to circulate any reviews that I (fingers crossed) might receive. My local library has told me that if I want to promote the book, reviews help! We’ll see. Anyone review books/readers?