New Poem in Phillip Hall’s “Burrow” journal

I have a poem titled “The Smile” in this new journal titled “Burrow”. The Editor is Phillip Hall and he has published a nice selection of poetry in their first issue (along with his wife, Jillian). 

He has sent some details of the journal’s readership and what’s happening with the next issue.

“Some statistics: since the current issue went live, we have had 8237 views from 1941 visitors. Our most ‘popular’ poem was Tabitha Lean’s brilliantly dramatic, ‘Hands Up’ (with 137 views) followed closely by Rhiannon Hall, Denise O’Hagan & Gillian Swain (for each of 2 poems). And no poem had fewer than 24 views. We are really happy with the audience we are reaching. Poetry is always a hard ‘sell’, everyone’s writing it, but few read/buy… So, I think we are doing pretty well. I have worked hard at promoting every poem that we have published, using such social media as Facebook.

Our second issue will go live on February 1 next year. The current callout has been issued with submissions due by December 20. I really hope you all contribute again. Please read our ‘poetics’ & ‘contribute’ posts before submitting as we are going to adhere to our guidelines a little more closely from now on.

Phillip has also sent details of his work.

1/ short, lyrical essay on what it is like living with poor mental health:

2/ poem sequence:

3/ review:

4/ review:π0/

5/ review:

6/ review:

7/ review:




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