Dedicated to John Ashbery 1927-2017

Ashbery book
An Uber Dedication

Michael Farrell is an Australian poet who [quite a long time ago] requested poetry dedicated or inspired by John Ashbery. Sadly, in the meantime Ashbery has died, so a posthumous anthology is currently at the publishers that will contain superb poetry by many varied and great poets. Mostly, they are Australian and as Farrell is a world traveller I expect international poets will be featured. Louis Armand is one of them! The following is part of an email from Farrell which shows just how long the process has taken.

“after ten years i have a definite publisher – TinFish Press in hawaii – they do good productions, but a small affair so payment will be a contributor’s copy – it will be a manageable size, i have kept a handful of doubles – it should come out the end of year or early next – then i will have to deal with getting you all a copy! thanks for your patience – i had given up on it more than once”.

I will also be in very good company with John Kinsella, Pam Brown, Jordie Albiston, Jill Jones, Jennifer Harrison, Susan Hawthorne, Peter Rose, Gig Ryan, Michelle Cahill & Michael Farrell to name a few!

One of Ashbery’s early collections [above] is the only book I have, but I really liked his writing, often non-linear, a bit whacky, thought provoking and a marvellous use of language. My poem is titled “When you pass go, collect $200″ – not as good as Ashbery, but a bit whacky, nonetheless.



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